Kings of Israel


Ruled from his [year]

Rule period [year]

Leader, Judge, Prophet, King

Historical event

-16418040Mosesled Israel out of Egypt
-16019218Joshua came to Palestine, royal city Shiloh, Mizpeh





-157048 Othniel of Judah, son-in-law of Galebfought against Chushanrishatheim of Syria, Baal and Ashtaroth
-152298Ehud a Beniamite, son of Gera left-handed, fought against Eglon of Moab (fat, bursted)
-142460Deborah of Ephraim + Barak of Kedeshnaphtali Jael killed captain Sisera by tent nail to his head, fought against Jabin, king of Canaan
-136447Gideon of Mannases
(son of Joash Abiezrite)
miracle with with fleece of wool, fought against Midianites+Amalekites, Oreb and Zeeb, Baal
-13173Abimelech, son of Gideonkilled his 70 brothers, was killed by a woman at surrounding
-131423Tola of Issachar
-129122Jair a Gilaedite30 cities, Havothjair
-126924Jephtah, son of Gilead and a harlot sacrified his own daughter, fought against Philistines + children of Ammon
-12457Ibzan of Bethlehem
-123810Elon a Zebulonite
-12288Abdon, son of Hillel a Pirathonite
-122060Samson of Judah, son of Manoahfought against Philistines and Dagon
-11605840Eli prophetfoster father of Samuel
20Samuel prophet anointed Saul to king (and later also David), lived in Ramah, judged in Mizpeh, Bethel and Gilgal
40Saul kingin Gibeah
-10603040David king in Hebron, later he overcome Jebusite, rename it to Jerusalem and have settled there
-10201840Solomon king after Solomon death Israel divides to Judah (with Benjamin) and the rest of Israel
building the 1st. temple, where Jews from all the Israel came to sacrifice

Judah king

Israel king

-9804117RehoboamJeroboam building of altars in Israel in Bethel and Dan - gold calves, idolatry, royal city Shechem (Ephraim)
-95724Baasharoyal city Tirzah
-9330Zimriruled for 7 days
-93312Omriroyal city Samaria (I Kral.16.24 - hill Samaria from her owner Shemer)
-92222Ahab wife Jezebel of Zidonians, killed prophets of the LORD, prophet Elijah
-90112Jehoramprophet Elisha, follower of Elijah
-894328Jehoram married to Athaliah, Israel daughter of Ahab
28Jehu Jehu killed Jehoram, Ahaziah and Jezebel, destroyed prophets of Baal
-8856Athaliahkilled all David's offspring but Joash
-879740Joash Joash installed to the throne, Athaliah killed, repair of the temple
41Jeroboamprophets Amos and Hosea
-8101652Azariah leprous, founded Elath, prophet Isaiah
-75820Pekah -734 Assyrians (king Pul) deported inhabitants of the other side of Jordan (Reuben, Gad, half of Mannases) a Nepthalim II Kral.15,29
-7582516Jothamprophet Micaiah
-7262529Hezekiah destroyed bronze snake of Moses, -712 Assyrian king Sennacherib, unsuccesfully surrounded Jerusalem
Assyrians occupied and deported inhabitants of all Samaria (rest of Israel)

Assurbanipal founded library in Niniveh in Assyria
-640831Josiah prophets Zephaniah, Nahum, Jeremiah, repair of the temple, finding of Torah
fall of Niniveh
-609230Jehoahazprophet Habakkuk
fall of Assyria
-604Babylon king Nebuchadnezzar
first deportation of Jews to Babylonia, Jehoiachin was 37 years in prison
-5982111Zedekiah prophet Ezekiel
fall of Jerusalem, destroying of temple, deportation of Jews to Babylonia by Nebuchadnezzar
Persian king Cyrus defeated Babylonia
-538right for Jews to return to Jeruaalem
-520building of second temple, prophets Haggai and Zechariah
-300Egyptian dominance
-300Septuagint-greek translation of the Old Testament
-198Syrian dominance
-167Maccabi wars
-142independence of Judea
-63Roman dominance
-37Herod I.
-4birth of Jesus


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