My intention was:

I concepted Bible little "revolutionary", thus so that compared to classical bookish Bible, where first there is the Old Testament followed by the New Testament, in my version there is the New Testament first. It is because that beginning Christian should start reading of the New Testament first and only later he can be interested in conjuctions to the Old Testament. Otherwise as I write also elsewhere that sporadically boring and sporadically bloodthirsty Old Testament could "spoiled him mood" till "discourage" him from further reading.
From Gospels in the New Testament I gave to the first place John (whereby I jumped Matthew, Mark and Luke, hereby I apologize to them), which is of Gospels:
ad a) nicest (in terms of the most acceptable, not most comprehensive, in that term Matthew or Luke are much further),
ad b) most spiritual in terms of inspiration by God.
ad c) Last but not least, I prefer such ordering where last Gospel is the Luke's one - on which Acts of Apostles directly continues (Acts were also written by Luke).

My Bible is a chart of three columns. First I wanted to compare side by side Kralicka and Ekumenicka versions: Kralicka is somewhere old-czechly non-understable, understanding of Ekumenicka is on the contrary somewhere misguided, also links to reference verses are often different in both versions.
Because I have my web also in english version (accordingly the most of it), I decided to add also an "Authorized Version" - King James Version. Unfortunately there is no room for the fourth column containing Bible in today's English - and also I had no such electronical translation.

I hope the most of you have understood that its no need to read Bible rows one after another - to read each verse in each version - but that it is better to choose "your" Bible - ergo column.

How to choose such column? There is a clear choice at those who can't speak czech. Those should choose the third column. Czech speaking beginners should rather choose the middle column written in present czech. The advanced will for sure prefer listing through the first Kralicka column, which in case that we will let's not discourage ourselves by old-czech, is containing often the most apposite verses. But also in Kralicka version there can arise questions of non-understanding of old-czech language, there can often help to temporarily jump to middle Ekumenicka version.

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