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Who's Tara?

Tara is my darling.
Oct.20-th., 2001 she was born.
Dec.25-th., 2001 she has definitelly meddled to our life.

She's the most important member of family, society and community. Poor she is not human, that's maybe the reason why I love her so much.
She is the bonniest, worthiest, most beautiful and silliest doggie. But little Chris Robin also used to say, that Pooh is just a silly bear and he liked him very much - "Little Chriss Robin went downstairs that day, holding the Pooh bear's hinders paw in his hand and the Pooh bear's head impinged at stairs ding and dong and again ding and again dong."

We go walking outside and you can't belive how many little pathways we've found in our neighbourhood. During those ten years before Tara (b.T.) I knew completely about two of them, but now after two years with Tara (w.T.) I know them about two hundred more.

I go walking with Tara mainly to pub for a beer, but sometimes we are able to pass more kilometers, sometimes we even jog them.
So, we jog rather by "Indian run", it means, if somebody doesn't know, half walk, half run, but when I am thinking about it, our jogging should be rather called as Indy-Indian run or maybe Indo-Indy-Indian run, simply I start to run, get out of breathe after fifty meters and then I shamble about one kilometer.
But I endure much more when jogging down the hill.

First, when Tara had short legs, I overran her easily.
Now it is much worse, her legs are much longer and because of it she first starts to run down me and then she overruns me, or more likely, she starts running, stops it and waits for me compassionatelly.

Every morning when I go to work, Tara waves to me - balcony door opens, Tara pops her one front leg to railing and waves to me by her second one.

In the summer we swim together over the lake - she is a water-dog according me, first she didn't want to step into water, but then, she, gladly, had to acknowledge that swimming is funny and now one hour (and we all in water swimming out of the shore) is enough to persuade her to step into water and swim to us. She is so scared of loosing us, that she really overcome herself and step into water. She swims really fast - I'm almost slower then she, but I have an advantage that I can swim underwaterly and therefore I can fall away.
Independent observer would mainly recognize in her swimming two stared eyes that Tara uses for drawing up the shore back.

Tara is so inconsistent - from one side she looks tragical, from the other side she, like most of dalmatians (but only dalmatians, no other dog breed can do it), can smile when she's happy that she finally sees me. She does quik quik and WOW... WOW... . Besides see for yourselves.

laugh smich

Tara's tragicality maybe originates in her excessive fixation on human kennel.
If you have greyhounded (? at dalmatians ?) to potential puppies, I must dissapoint you, there will be none. She beared it badly, had false pregnancy, was moody and growled to me.


What's as a matter of fact the story of her name?

She is exactly not mine.
My son has wished from time he saw a movie "101 dalmatians" to own a dalmatian.
So he has everything with dalmatian look - pen, school-bag, towel, stickers, pile carpets a.s.o. but not a live dog.
Pshaw! It's not possible, there already are two dogs in our house.
Once there appear a chance how to buy a dalmatian for good price and even a rest of house inhabitants was not against it on condition the dog will be she-dog.
Deal was done and for Christmass 2001 was dog ready and packed under Christmass tree (BTW, when son saw her under tree, binded up with ribbon, he was first almost offended that he wished a dog not a pile carpet, (she was very restful, didn't move, so she didn't spoil the fun), then, when a pile carpet started running to him, he recognized his mistake and he felt like crying).
She had no name so far. We use a lot of name for her - like Little Tara, dog, doggie or dookkie.
Sometimes we call her as Beast, once she ate up full plate of gulps together with their wooden picks (but, then, I have to confess, she fairly returned everything including the picks after an hour).
Tara has a chronical begginity (from "to beg"), you'll find reliably her head with stared eyes on your thigh in case you have something to the mouth. She's following everybody, wheedles and asks something.

Small kids title her as "Suusch schmaall little daalmatiaan" or they eventually attribute: Balled Dog (adwise for olders and advanced: children has smaller word-reserve so what we adults call as a spot they call as wheel, smaller among them as a ball (for them there is nothing less then 3 dimensions, it is for them redundant to remember names of 2 dimensional objects, which as matter of fact doesn't exist anyhow)).

Don't you know what is the origin of their patches?

Once upon a time, when God let originally black people to wash themselves in whitening lake, first came in reach people and they washed themselves to white. Water in lake started be rather dirty and middle class (today's Asians, Hispanians and Indians) washed themselves not to white but to yellow, brown and red. Poor blackmen came last, in time when naughty Hispanians splashed all water around and left only a puddle on bottom, where blackmen could only dip their palms and soles - that's why blackmen until today has palms and soles white whether all rest of their bodies remains black.
Well, and their dogs - richmen's dogs could wash themselves with richs - but there was only few of them, that's why only few today's dogs are pure white. And those has to pay for their old advance - they leads blind-men today. Most of dogs belonged to middle-class people and they washed with their masters. That's why most today's dogs are rather colored. Black dogs didn't get to water - or they scared of water.
Dalmatians belonged to "rich dogs", so they washed themselves to pure white. But they, instead to leave a lake after bath, stayed at water and looked around what' going on. That happened fatal to them - black dogs came and when they found there is no water for them, they splashed at least dirty water from puddles to dalmatians - and water made black patches on dalmatians.

And when on their bodies, so everywhere.
Tara f.e. has black patches not only on her hair but also on her skin under hair, on her gums and teeth (? - I'm joking, pathes are only on those spoiled teeth) and even on her claws - those are normally black but to patches be seen - some claws are white. Don't you believe me?

Maybe you are surprised that our pages aren't named as www.tara.cz.
You know I had such idea as a default, but I was late, the domain was already reserved by ValMez knockers.
What an idea to name a factory according a dog !?!?
You see everything is possible in Czech, I'm looking forward in future for Wolfie Detroit, Max Manchester or Ajax Sollingen.

...but what are they compared with Dalma-girl...


Version 2.0

waiting Tara

With heartache I have to inform you that Tara has finished her Earth's journey and now impatiently - as usual - she waits behind the door for my comming home.

She was born October 20th. 2001 and she has left May 1st. 2012 in age of 10.

She left suddenly, unexpectedly, for me unfairly, nevertheless - who am I - to pass a judgement?
One weekend day she was OK, but at evening she became distended, calmed down at night and next morning she quietly died in my arms. Nor prayers nor veterinarian didn't help her. It was the same like four years ago with Dustin when the cause was not internal but external. I felt deceived but who knows, maybe if I Knew I would not endure the cognition.

For one week I was not able to do anything, only now I am giving the information and I prepare a presentation Life of Tara 20.10.2001-1.5.2012. Be patient.

Condolences from my friends in order they came follows:

I regret it so bad, Tara was the kindest dog I know and she doesn't deserve that. We agreed with Luke that Tara as a dog could not live better life and the only what makes me happy is that now they runs around with Dustin in heaven's forest... Terka.

We regret it, we loved her - she was so kind. Let you are strong enough... Burils.

That's sad... Poor Tara. Such nice and kind dog. So she is in dog's heaven now... Peter.

We are sad together with you, we regret it so much, she was a lady. She came to the rest to dog's little heaven. Jane and Vrata.

Radik, we regret it so much, hope she didn't agonize much. Unfortunatelly, death belongs to the life and still we, your friends remained to you! Regards, Hlousci.

We regret it. Krajiceks.

So, condolence, I know she was too much for you ..., you will buy a puppy. Marejda.

It is pitty to me, you loved her too much, you will hardly accustomed. You will overcome it, too. I remember you. Milada.

Oh, no. I regret it :-(. Wish you be strong to future days... Irena.

Rady, I regret it so much, I know you loved her so much! When you overcome it a little and you will cry the bucket of tears, call me. We must meet! Pavla Huskova.

It's a pitty to us too, still you have one more dog, it will be not empty. Waases.

This is a pitty to us. We both know what it is to lose a four-dog friend after such time. Will you have another? Jane and Vlada.

This is a pitty to us, hope she didn't agonize. Good is that she already runs around with Dusty in heaven. Have a good times. Pacners.

So this is a pitty to me so much, hope she at least didn't agonize. Jane.

This is a pitty to us so much, we know how it hurts. Helen and Bohus.

Dear Radek, I am sad that your loving Tara has left you, hope she didn't agonize long. We have lately more luck. Nikola (shedog) attacked little Emina (shedog) and veterinary doctor gave her not so much chances. But she is an incredible fighter. She will have some permanent impacts but she is still with us. It is unbelieveable, how those so called dumb creatures has established in our hearts. I think about you, Ada is not at home, she will be sad too. See, Kate.

This is a pitty to me. Buy something other again. This is not the right one without doggie. Paula.

Rada, this is a pitty to us so much. Milos.

This is much pitty to us because now we understand what Tara meaned for you. Only now, when we have a dog, we understand that he became a family member... ;-( Kubovys.

We regret it so much. Nemecs.

Radek, so I am sad. I regret it, can I help you anyway? Keep yourself. Radi, I guess only distantly how you feel. Now it has no meaning to tell you anything. I know, how close she was to you. Some thing you'll never know, you cannot, you have no such experiences. Pavla Karafiatova.

I regret Tara, but let's believe she is good now. Jirina.

Hello Rada, I regret Tara too much I hope she didn't agonize too much. Now she runs around with Dustin and Curina. Keep yourself and regards. Dana.

Oh no, we regret it so much. We feel with you. We had same with little Brit in September. Tara was perfect friend and well-being miss - we were happy with you when Tara celebrated her 10th jubilee. Isa and comp.

Tara was, is and will be my precious.
20.10.2001 Tara was born.
25.12.2001 Tara has definitelly meddled to my life.
8.2.2005 Tara started to be friend with Dustin.
17.5.2007 Taru was betrayed with all her family by her first "she-master" as a replacement by some "questinable happiness".
1.2.2008 Tara started to have problems with her spin. When she often runs down the stars, she often cannot get-up and she wails of pain.
12.4.2008 Dustin was driven over by car when he folloed her she-master that came for visit.
27.4.2008 She-master brings Rusty to replace Dustin.
25.1.2010 Tara leaves her first she-master that pull her by sewers. She finds her new she-master in Strelice. Rusty stays with first she-master.
1.4.2010 Tara started to be healed for incontinency (that she has from 2002, when she was castrated). Doctor mentione her cardiac murmur.
2.7.2010 Tara leaves her second she-master. She finds a shelter at his master in Moravske Budejovice.
4.7.2010 Rusty comes to visit Tara.
15.7.2010 Tara has bleeding problem. Probably as a consequence of dietetic mistake. Fortunately she returns to health.
27.8.2010 Tara got her third she-master. Will she stay? She-master came with motley-crew dog Fik. Will they be friends?
1.10.2010 Tara goes for an overnight visit to Rusty (and her first she-master).
11.7.2011 Tara goes with her master and she-master on holidays to Vranovska dam.
4.8.2011 Rusty comes to visit Tara.
27.8.2011 Tara goes with her master and she-master on holiday to Lipno dam.
21.10.2011 Tara celebrates the ten. From tens of invited only five guests comes.
31.1.2012 Tara has a surgery of eye cap by scissors and soldering iron.
30.4.2012 Tara goes for a trip as usual at free days. Everything is as usual. At evening, Tara got vomit reflex in vain. Her master mentions she looks magnified. He goes for a walk with her to move her intestines. She stops vomiting but not magnifiing of belly. Master calls for doctor, describes the status and doctor calms him that it is normal in hot days, if temperature is not increased, that it is a heatstroke. He prescribe dog to be calm at cold room and having cold compress on her head. The temperature is not increased, so master is nodoubt and watches Tara all the night. Tara calms, drinks at night and everything looks to be on the right way.
1.5.2012 Tara is restless early morning but she don't want to go urinate as usual, she only lays on grass. Magnifity didn't disappear but it rather growed. Master calls to a doctor and he comes. He measures temperature and finds low temperature. He started to speak about organ failings, the situation started to be dramatic. He tells magnification is not caused by heatsroke but by a choking of an intestine and expanding of a food in intestine. He recommends to visit x-ray and foretell very expensive surgery with unsure result. After his leaving master pulls stumbling Tary to the house. He sees horror in her eyes. He calls on x-ray, if they can came (it is a holiday). During the call Tara spasmodicaly tugs her body and releases the urine.

And from that time life is worthy of shit.

Tara has buried under my skin.
Once, when my mother came with idea of buying dalamtian for my son, I was against it. Then, when I went to choose the puppy and Tara was lovable and pretty. Nevertheless I didn't have any special relation to her. She obstructed at home, confused under my legs and let say, there was alertness between us.
My son Kukina was about eight and he was not ready to care about dog, so it left on parents. Then a day came when I took Tara for the first walk with me. Tara looked at me with suspect - why just me and where I pull her. Nevertheless, nothing bad happen to her, she survived the walk and she looke forward for next walk with me.
In this moment I realized the dog loves me, is grateful to me for this little I gave him and I confess, I didn't learn such feeling from the family. So then also I started to look forward for common walks. When I came from work, I looked for the moment I come home and will can go for a walk with Tara. She was kind, didn't bark without reason, she didn't search any conflict, other dogs were usually fascinated by her, she-dogs usually not, nevertheless Tara usually didn't join them.
All the visit that liked dogs - were excited.
All the visits that didn't like dogs - took Tara merciful and confirm to me that Tara is the kindest dog in the world.
Life started to have sense with Tara. Until that uninteresting marriage - had now an unifiyng element. That-time-wife even expressed that Tara saved our marriage (huh, huh, huh - it was before her betray). I, lazyman contemping of walks - suddenly started to like walks and didn't spent all my time by sitting at tape-recorder, video-recorder or computer. I've inspected all surrounding of my home - it was the surprise after ten years of ignoration! As I like swimming, I took Tara to water and she surprisingly didn't fight back, contrarily she throws there gladly and was at water with her swimming style much faster then me swimming breaststroke. She had membranes between foot fingers, so she stroked like a Titanic's propeller.
She had also some minor imperfections - that has most dogs - she didn't want to be alone, she wails when I was going. When I punished her for minor disobedience by symbolic pulling of her ear, she wailed even when the pulling was not painful. When eating, I had certainly a spotty unfed mouth on my thigh. But all those were things that I loved Tara for.
I realized that Tara is mys life and I swore that I want to live my life only with her and if possible not without her. It is probably a naive wish in consideration of lenght of life of dog and a man, but I thought my wish seriously. Of course, it was not fulfilled to me, I as a Christian cannot even think of suicide, so I remained here alone without Tara.
Certainly, I have now a superb girl-friend, I have superb children, I am absolutely not alone, but I miss an important part o me. As a man who become deaf. It is not tragedy, he can do a lot of other things, but he can no more drive, no more listen to the music, he can communicate with hearing man only by written messages, simply it is not as it was before.
And while I didn't want blame others, there is a fact that Tara's (hopely prematury) death should be a result in chain of events, that started by betray of first she-master. If that would not happen, Tara should still live. Also Dustin should still live. Even my mother should still live. And maybe not. Maybe we by our own force are intervening to history passing only a little and think are happening anyway according a "plan". Maybe it an advantage to went out "prematurely". What God likes that takes to Him soon. Or not? Is it us - we people, who sends our souls to the Creater "before time"?

I am obliged to my Tara and thanks her that she teached me how to love, although I bear her leaving worse of it. But it was her to make a man from me, not maybe my wife.

There are different views on position of animal soul in heaven, but I believe that, if I will be worthy, will meet Tara in heaven again. For those of you that are interesting in, I attach some verses I lean my faith on: Gen.1.30, Lev.17.14, 1 Sam.18.1, Job.12.10, Isa.11.6-8, Isa.65.17-25, Ezek.18.4, Matt.10.28, Acts.16.31, 1 Peter.4.19.


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