Meaning of titles, expressions and names

"which," as Kralicka translators tell in their foreword, "of act or for any reason either to people or to some places are given, they are reproduced to be better understable from that and also from text".

Abrahamfather of big host
Abramfather big or tall, highly noble
Achor(Josh.7.26) sorrowfuls
AdonisedechLord of justice
Agag(Num.24.7) so called were Amalek kings (as Egyptian pharaohs)
Ahiman(Num.13.23) terrible, fearful
Aholah (Ezek.23.4) her tent; as God would tell: For me there is nothing to her because she has her own tent, into which she not my ministration but an ugly idolatry does
Aholibah(Ezek.23.4) my tent in her - thus a temple built in Jerusalem for God's ministration
Algumim (Almugin)ebony wood
Allonbachuth(Gen.35.8) the oak of cry
Alphafirst letter in greek alphabets
Ammimy people
Ananiasloved by God
Apollyondestruction (greek translation of word Abadon)
Aralot(Josh.5.3) hill of the foreskins
Ariel(Isa.29.1) lion strong or cruel
Astar(plural Astarot) sheep herd - that idol was probably a statue of a sheep
Aven(Hos.10.8) see Bethaven
Azal (Zech.14.5) maybe a part of Jerusalem city, the biggest and safest against offenses of enemies how it calls Joseph Bezeta
Azariashelp of God
Azazel (Lev.16.8) probably a mountain close the mountain Sinai called according a scapegoat being run off there. Other interpretation: scapegoat sent to the desert taking all bad with him
Baallord, master, housekeeper or ruler
Baal Zebub (Belzebub)is being interpreted: lord over flies
Baalperazim (1 Chr.14.11) housekeeper or lord of rip, rupture - or as it is interpreted in 2 Sam.5.20 - bank of breach
Babel (Babylon)confusion, mixture
Bashanwas countryside rich of corn, cattle and other things
Bathrabbim(gate B.; S.of.S..7.4) gate for people; gate which is daughter of plenty
Belfegoridol of Madians, also sometimes only Fegor
Belteshazzar(Dan.4.5) Bel's (idol of Babylon) secrets of mine in treasure
Ben Amonson of my people
Benhinnomsee Gehinnom
Benjamin(Gen.35.18) son of right hand
Benoni(Gen.35.18) son of my sorrow
Berachah(2 Chr.20.26) benediction
Beriah(1 Chr.7.23) in sorrow
Bersabewell of oath
Beteked(2 Kgs.10.12) shearing house
Bethanyhouse of dates or figs
Bethaven(Hos.4.15) house of wickedness - also onlyAven
Bethelhouse of Strong (God)
Bether(S.of.S.2.17) division
Bethesda (John.5.2) house of grace, hospital; or it is being read: Bet ashda. i.e. house or place where waters got together or joined
Bethlehemhouse of bread
Boanergessons of thunder
Boaz(1 Kgs.7.21) in it there is a strenght
Bochim(Judg.2.5) place of weepers
Cabul(1 Kgs.9.13) villainous, closed, infertile
Canaanite (Matt.10.4) according their country Canna or rather from hebrew word Kanna, thus zealous - so there is Zelótes called in Holy wits (Luke.6.15; Acts.1.13)
Candace(Acts.8.27) so were routinely called blackmoore queens, same as at Romans were emperors called Caesares
Cassieexcellent aromatic cinnamon
Cherethites (Zeph.2.5) Phillistines (1 Sam.30.14; 1 Sam.30.16)
ChristAnointed (Messiah)
Cozbi(Num.25.15) liaren, swindleren
Dagon (Judg.16.23) was probably a statue above with human face, bellow fishy, name was acording Dag, i.e. fish in hebrew
Danielcourt Providential
Didymusgemini, twin
Ebenezerstone of help
Edencountry delightful
Edomred-haired; Edom was Esau, from whom came Idumei nation, according whom was called also a country settled by them
Emimterrible, fearful
EmmanuelGod with us
Enakimdecorated by chain, richs, prouds
Ensemessunny well
Ephodshort sleeveless dress, by which was under wider vesture protracted, it reached from shoulders to a waist
Ephratahplentiful, fertile
Ezel(1 Sam.20.19) income
Fanuelface of God
Fegoridol of Madians
Gabbatha(John.19.13) height or uplift place, on which was the judge visible from all sides
Gadcrowd, herd
Gehinnom valley of Hinnom, or valley of son (sons) of Hinnom (Enom) was at door of Easter gate of Jerusalem, where there was idol Moloch placed, to which were human victims sacrificed (in that sense the word "gehenna" is used in The New Testament in sense of "hell fire" (Matt.5.22 and else); see also Tofet))
Gersom (Gerson)incomer
Gomer(Hos.1.3) integrity
Halak(Josh.11.17; Josh.12.7) bald, naked
Halelu Jahpraise the God
Harod(Judg.7.1) fear
Havothjair(Deut.3.14) villages of Jair
Helkathhazzurim(2 Sam.2.16) field or place of knights or swords
Herodians servants or courtiers of Herodes Antipas; other interpretation is that they were controllers set-over revenue collections; another interpretation is that they are Jews reaching Jacob's prophecy (Gen.49.10) on Herodes according the fact that he was the first from foreigners, after rule taking away from Jewry, who ruled over them and therefore they accepted him as Messiah; another interpretation is that Herodes the Big who was half-Jew unified his court religion with jewish and with paganish and founded new sect similar rather to Saduceanic nonsense to which added himself his son Herodes Antipas. Those, who that religion or rather Leaven of Herod (Mark.8.15) professed, were probably called Herodians
Horim(Horeas) snowy, uncommon, noble
Hormah(Num.21.3) damned, plundered, unrooted
HosannaSave us, keep us (those are words from Pss.118.25)
Huzzab(Nahum.2.7) stationed, settled
Ichabodwhere (is) glory?
Isaaclaugh, laugher
Isacharremuneration, reward
IsmaelGod heard
Israelthat who sparred with God
Jabez(1 Chr.4.9) painful
Jabin(Josh.11.1) wise, careful, lord of sharp and deep intellect or wise and far-seeing builder
Jachin(1 Kgs.7.21) fix (God) this rule
Jacobby hand the heel holding
Jedidiah(2 Sam.12.25) loved by God or Godloved
Jegar Sahaduthastack of testimonies
Jehoshaphat(Joel.3.2) this valley was also called Berachah
Jerusalemis called according Salem, thus peace
Jezreel(Hos.1.4) seed or dissemination or spillage and interspersion of God
Judasconfessor, praising
Justus(Acts.1.23) fair
Kibrot Hattavegraves of appeals
Kirhareseth(Isa.16.7) one from main towns of Moab, called according it's walls built from bricks
Libertines (Acts.6.9) were called those that were once servants and slaves and were set free, thus that they sprang from under-ranks, were separated from highborns and had their own special school
Litostrotos(John.19.13) place where the floor was handicraftly paved or poured
Loammi(Hos.1.9) not my people
Loruhamah (Hos.1.6) she didn't get mercy or as St. Paul (Rom.9.25) interprets: unpleasant or not beloved
Magormissabib(Jer.20.3) fear all around
Malachimessenger (angel) of God
Man (manna)gift or meal prepared and ready; another meaning: "manhu" means "what is it?"
Manassehimmemorial, oblivion
Marabitter, sad, sorrowful
Maranatha(1 Cor.16.22) came our Lord
Masah a Meribachtemptation and strife
Melchisedecking of justice
Melech(also Melchom) or Moloch
Memphis (Hos.9.6) in hebrew Moff, or Nof, was very famous capital in land of Egypt (Isa.19.13)
Messiah(Dan.9.25) or Christ, both words mean the same: Anointed
Michael(Dan.10.13) that who is as God strong
Misrephothmaim (to waters M.; Josh.11.8) burned waters, what is being interpreted as thermal springs or saline waters
Mizaelrequisitioned by God
Mizar(Pss.42.7) tiny
Moloch is being interpreted as king (Hungerlet). Idol of Moabs in valley close Jerusalem called Gehinnom or Gehenna in house called Tofet. Statue was as St. Jeronim told, cupreous and cavernous, to which sacrificed was given into it's hands and in inside it was glowing by white-hot carbons
Mosestaken out from water
Nabal(1 Sam.25.25) lunatic
Nazareusseparated, to God devoted and consacretad
Nehushtan(2 Kgs.18.4) cupreous or from little copper, as being said: Little copper and not God
Nephtalimchanged, reversed
Nimrod(Mic.5.6) land of Babylon (Gen.10.10)
Noemigladsome, jolly
Nophsee Memphis
Omegalast letter in greek alphabets
Oreb(Judg.7.25) destroyer
Parvarim(2 Kgs.23.11) in the suburbs
Pashur(Jer.20.1) that who broadens out pallor
Pekod(Jer.50.21) visitation or revenge
Perez(2 Sam.6.8) gap, vacancy
Peterstonemason, rock
Pharisees "highest sect" those times, were proud on Testament filling, they teached to adhere law with all it's ceremonies, but they had lack in relations to people. They didn't let interprete Writings anyone but themselves and this way they kept the key to their understanding. They were proud to decisions of olders that they made equal to Testament of God; see Saducees
Phase (Pesach)skipping over, relaxation, passing over
PhutsLibians, thus those from Phut, son of Cham (Gen.10.6)
Rabba (Rabbat)capital of Amons, that were else called Philadelphia
Raca (Matt.5.22) word Jewish or rather Syrian Rikah or Rekah means: vain, empty, and by this a man is meant without brain, without reason and wholesome opinion and generally man unvalued and frivolous. Or as others tells, that word has it's origin from Syrian word Rach, which means spitting according which some teachers interpretes Raca as man worthy of asperseing and disgusting
Ramathlehi(Judg.15.17) throwed away jawbones
Refaimgiants, excelled in chivalric acts
Rehobotharea, expansion
Rubenson of sight, appearence
Sabeans (Joel.3.8) offspring of Seba (Gen.10.7), having biggest stocks in Arabian land called Arabia Felix keeping in different countries all possible trades
Saduceans had name of Zadok, former of his sect. They told that resurrection doesn't exist nor angel nor ghost. Antagonists of Pharisees, they deprecated all human's laws building only on letter of Testament
Safenat Paneachdream reader
Salmon (Pss.68.15) was the mountain close to Sichem (Judg.9.48), dark and cheerless because of solidity of black forests
Samuelrequisitioned by God
Sarahprincess, mother of many nations
Saraimy princess, thus houswife of only one house
Saronsuccesful, noble, odorous
Shallecheth (gate S.; 1 Chr.26.16) gate of throwing-out, because through this gate they throw-out or extoled the dust and garbage
Shearjashub(Isa.7.3) the rest will return
Shittim wood of cedarn kind, grows only in those countries and some tells that it is a wattle or other pine. Valley Shittim (Joel.3.18) is valley of best cedarns
Shulamite (S.of.S.6.12), Jerusalemish, because Jerusalem was forenamed Salem (Gen.14.18)
Simeonheard-of or that who listens
Sisaicruel, ravenous
Succothstables, sheep-folds
Sur(2 Kgs.11.6) eastern
Taberah(Num.11.3) conflagrations, brulee
Talmaibishop, lancer
Tammuz(Ezek.8.14) idol of Egyptians
Teman (Temans) offspring of Teman, son of Eliphaz, grandson of Esau (Gen.36.11; Gen.36.15)
Teraphim(Hos.3.4) pictures
Tirzah(S.of.S.6.3) wonderful town, where there was the throne of kings of Israel before building-up of Samara
Tophet was ugly place close Jerusalem in valley Gehinnom, called Tophet according either of the drum or of his width or of horrible spectacle when some Jews there sacrificed or burned their children to the idol Moloch. At Isa.30.33 is this word being translated as Hell
Urim and Thumimurim means light, illumination; thumim perfection, integrity. What things was the matter is not known
Verilylet it happen that way
Zabulonresiding, living
Zalmunna(Judg.8.5) inhibiting the shade and cool
Zamzummims(Deut.2.20) consociation for tyranny and every torts and crime
Zebah(Judg.8.5) murder
Zeeb(Judg.7.25) wolf
Zophim(Num.23.14) guards


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