Lesson 8: Blood of Jesus

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What is the signification of Jesus's blood?

Blood has always meant the forgiving of sins. People sinned and they regularly sacrificed the animals for God forgive them their sins. But blood of animals only covered the sin, it didn't clean it. As lately as Blood of Jesus perfectly removed the sin. First indirect mention of blood in Bible is in the passage of chasing man out of Paradise Gen.3.21 - God made leather skirts for Adam and Eve - and because of obtaining the leather he had to kill an animal. First direct mention of blood is then in story about Cain killing his brother Abel and about Abel's blood crying to God Gen.4.10.

Causation of Jesus's blood:

Eph.1.7 - forgiveness
1 John.1.7 - cleaning
Rom.5.9 - justifying
Zech.9.11 - rescuing
Rev.12.11 - victory
Hebr.9.14 - serving to God
Eph.2.13-14 - proximity to God

Lord's supper:

Before his crucification Jesus established a tradition of celebration of Lord's supper. At the Supper bread changes to Jesus's body and wine changes to Jesus's blood (Matt.26.26-28).
By admition of Body and Blood Christian approves his belonging to Christ, approves his contract with Him and cleanes himself from sins.

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