Lesson 7: Prayer

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What is the prayer for?

Dialog with God - thanksgiving for "gifts", confessing of sins, appealings for healing a.s.o.
Spiritual breathing - by joining with God in prayer is man's spirit cleansed, refreshed and strenghten ("it receives O2 and disposes of CO2")

Matt.6.9-13 - prayer of the Lord ("Our Father")

What should be prayer:

   Matt.6.5-8 - body prayer - hypocrisy of "public" prayers
   Matt.6.9-11 - prayer of Jesus - submission, uplift of God
   Matt.6.12-13 - repentance
   Matt.6.14-15 - forgiving
   Matt.6.16-18 - fast - the right fast acts for body cleansing from "earth" enjoyment - food, fun, sex a.s.o. That way cleansed man is more sensitive in prayer and listening to God. A man shouldn't be the hipocrite and express his fast demonstratively.

Prayer is not a rhyme that should man learn. Prayer of the Lord is only an example what should prayer contain (thanksgiving, confessing of (particular) sins, appealing for forgiving, request for gifts, appealing for people a.s.o.).
A prayer is pronounced by own words, not by flowery verses, it should differs day by day and shouldn't be prepared in advance - man should let selecting of words on the Holy Ghost.
In prayer it is possible to title all persons of God separately - f.e. to forgive sins can only God Father, nobody else. Baptism by the Holy Ghost practices Jesus, so it is needed to ask Him. Closest to people and to their worriest has then Holy Ghost that is on the Earth.

Special case is a prayer in Language, where the word selection is done by human spirit and man himself doesn't understand the sense of words - but God does.
A man (usually) receives Language at baptism by the Holy Ghost.
The advantage of prayer in language is that not even devil doesn't understand it - it is simply "secure line".

Luke.5.16 - best is to pray in secrecy
Luke.6.12 - also Jesus prayed in solitude
John.4.23-24 - God wants people to pray with open heart
Matt.7.7-8 - ask and you'll receive
1 John.5.14-15 - appealing for gifts of God is usually heared
John.15.7 - to a man believing to Jesus will be his appealing fulfilled
Heb.5.7-8 - oblation of prayer of Jesus
1 Tim.2.8 - unaffected prayer with risen hands
Prov.15.29 - God hears to unaffected prayer
Prov.13.4 - for fulfilling of his appealing the man must endeavour
James.5.16 - pray some for others
1 Tim.2.1-2 - pray also for your rulers

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